How To Write An Uplifting Elevator Speech

What can be done in the time it takes to ride an elevator with a stranger? Stare at your shoes? Find a captivating mark on the wall and examine it? Twiddle your thumbs as you avoid eye contact? Or give a speech that can open the doors to success!

In the time it takes to ride an elevator, you should be able to introduce yourself and briefly tell what you do in an intriguing way. Your listeners should be able to understand how you can help them and how you stand out from the crowd. All this can be done in the time it takes an elevator to go up (or down) - about 30 to 60 seconds.

An elevator speech is a short and sweet opening to your professional side. Add a bit of personality and you will be set to capture the attention of potential clients and business accounts. This miniature speech should be a prepared presentation that sounds "off the cuff."

Memorizing the key points is essential, but leaving room for additions will add genuineness to your words. A good elevator speech should grab your listener's attention by saying a lot in a few memorable sentences. It should be concise, between 100 and 200 words. You never want to run the risk of boring anyone by saying too much.

A person who cannot clearly state what they do and why anyone should care, in a minute or less, will miss great opportunities. First impressions can make or break you. In today's competitive business world, an elevator speech is a great way to make your mark and demand attention. It can give you the edge you need to succeed.

Just because it is called an 'elevator speech' doesn't mean you are only supposed to deliver it inside an elevator. Elevator speeches can be used whenever someone shows interest in you. Elevator speeches work well at social gatherings, conferences, conventions or other meetings with networking opportunities. Take advantage of any situation where someone is willing to listen and may benefit from your message.

A good start is to develop a "hook" to capture your listener's attention. Make them want to know more. Briefly describe, without excruciating details or boring harangue, what it is you want your listener to know about you and your business.

Be sure to include some sort of "request" at the end of your speech. If you ask for something, you ensure a response and thus almost guarantee to continue the conversation further. If you are looking for a business card, say so. If you'd like a referral, make that your specific request. Don't assume that people will automatically offer what you want. In life you have to make the first move toward obtaining what you want.

Energy and dedication should shine from your mini- speech. Through your words, your listener should be able to embrace the passion you feel about who you are and what you do. A bland, monotonous speaker can say the same words as an enthusiastic, passionate speaker and receive an entirely different (usually negative) reaction. The way you present your elevator speech can greatly impact how you will be received.

With a friendly smile, good eye contact, conversational English, and an overall personable presentation, you can almost guarantee your listeners will be captivated.

Here's my elevator speech:

I'm Patrick Bruns with InsuranStar Marketing.

We pioneer media-based marketing systems that transform ordinary sales people into rock stars with raving fans for clients.

We ghostwrite newspaper and magazine articles to help establish a person's expertise. We develop dinner seminars, produce radio talk shows - even TV infomercials - all to help promote a person's public image and make prospects come to them. We find that the public has a better perception of an expert with a touch of celebrity than they do of just somebody with something to sell.

Our marketing systems can help people in any line of sales, including coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, and small business owners.

Here's my card - it's a mini-CD. Just pop it into your computer and look at some of our productions. You can even link to our website. And if someone you know wants to take a closer look, just have them call me. I know they'll appreciate the referral, and so will I.

Wishing you outrageous success,

Patrick Bruns
InsuranStar Marketing

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