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Clients referral program

Here's the story:

In the past five years we’ve given our CPA Client Referral Seminar in 45 states, educating 10,000 CPAs and counting. We’ve elevated dozens of agents to an exciting and lucrative career that provides more time to spend with family and loved ones, more prestige and respect in the community, and more freedom from worrying about where their next qualified, high net worth client will come from.

Here's how it works:

We do pretty much everything for you. We discuss the seminar with you well in advance then meet with you the day before the event. Having done some 270 CPA Seminars around the country, we know it will take 3,000 to 5,000 invitations in any given city to seat 30 to 45 CPAs.

Our four hour seminar begins at 8:00 AM sharp after coffee and Danish, with our expert speaker…

Breaking down typical misconceptions about annuities

Explaining basic fundamentals of traditional and fixed indexed annuities

Touching on basic life insurance concepts including indexed life

Demonstrating how the CPA Client Referral Program becomes a tremendous new profit center in their practice

Explaining the four business models for referral fees or commission sharing (See below)

Introducing you as our local expert financial advisor, and

Setting the stage for your 15 to 20 minute “get acquainted” talk

Here's what it costs you:

For starters, you need to submit $1 million in annuity premium through one or more of our carriers. How long this takes is up to you. Next, you need to be on our team. You need to be appointed with our top three carriers, which we will discuss by phone. And finally, we make all the arrangements and conduct the seminar, while you cover the cost of items such as invitations, coffee and room rental.

Also, you will compensate your new CPA partners for client referrals with any of four business models, as may be mutually agreed upon, including:

1. A typical 75/25 commission split where you pay the CPA 25% for client referrals

2. The CPA becomes your sub-agent earning the agreed-upon commission

3. A flat referral fee not to exceed the legal amount allowable in your state

4. The CPA takes no fee but trusts you’ll take good care of his client

Here’s what I need you to do:

As it should be, our CPA Client Referral Program is enough to make any agent in his right mind drool with desire. Our qualifications, however, are quite deliberate and fully intended to weed out the wannabes.

If you are already producing annuity premium in the million dollar plus range and would like to be considered for our CPA Program, please call and tell us about yourself prior to our discussion of the details.

Our CPA Client Referral Program is not for most agents. Only 1 in 17 will make the cut. But once you qualify, we’ll put in place the connections to assure that your annuity and life insurance career far exceeds your expectations!

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