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Insurance leads services and field marketing organizations would like nothing more than to make your insurance practice wildly successful for many years to come. You see, it takes a lot of time and money to drum up new customers and new insurance agents. It’s far more cost effective to keep current clients happy than to constantly attract new ones.


There is a bonanza of insurance agent resources, free insurance leads, free annuity leads, tips for selling insurance, CD-ROMS, flip charts, insurance selling systems, PowerPoint presentations, books, manuals, exotic vacations to faraway shores, spiffs, perks, prizes... you get the picture. And these freebies are available to the newcomer as well as top selling insurance agents. All free for the asking.

Imagine getting 50"Client-Cloned" Annuity Leads each and every week!

This is not just one of your dime-a-dozen insurance leads services. These hard-target annuity leads are senior consumers who have been profiled using a revolutionary computer algorithm to analyze the financial, demographic and psychographic characteristics of EXISTING annuity and LTC policy owners, then profile these characteristics to find KNOWN BUYERS.

You get prospect's name, address, phone, age, income, and asset value information.

All phone numbers are scrubbed against the national DNC list, and all prospects belong to you and you alone. Now imagine getting *50 to 75* "Client-Cloned" annuity leads per week for free... for life! 


Get the best IRA distribution and planning software on the market today! Clearly shows how recent tax changes affect your client's qualified money. With Senior Pro Advisor an easy-to-understand report can be generated for your clients on each of the following concepts: Required Minimum Distribution for your client, Required Minimum Distribution for the beneficiary, Substantially Equal Payments, and The Stretch IRA Concept. Want it? Just say the word.


On-demand training is an exclusive service that provides you with instant product, prospecting and annuity selling information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The courses are pre-recorded conference calls that start at the basics (Annuity Fundamentals) then move to more advanced topics (IRA Distributions). Each call is approximately 20 to 25 minutes long.


We own an internet insurance leads service that ends up with dozens of ‘orphan’ health insurance leads, insurance agent leads and annuity leads each month, with no one to give them to. These are actual quote requests from prospects who have taken the time to find their insurance quote web site and submit detailed information for a rate quote. Products range from Life Insurance Leads to Health Insurance Leads, MedSupp to Disability, and all are well qualified free insurance leads. Again, yours for the asking.

So go ahead. Start clicking buttons and discovering a world of free insurance leads, insurance agent resources, internet insurance leads, telemarketed health insurance leads, annuity leads, you name it, it's all here... Enjoy!

Get 50 Free Annuity Leads Per Week For 4 Weeks, and Earn Your Way Up
Start With *50* Free Annuity Leads Per Week For 4 Weeks, and Earn Your Way Up To 75 Per Week... Forever!
Free Life Insurance Leads for Life!
Free life insurance leads can be yours for the life of your career. Find out how.
Sell Burial Insurance, Grow Book of Business, Cross Sell Fixed Annuities
Burial Insurance Is The Perfect First Step In Acquiring Appreciative Clients. The Second Step Is Fixed Annuity Sales
Wealth Transfer Single-Premium Whole Life Opportunity
Wealth transfer with a single-premium whole life insurance policy is federal tax free and simplified issue.
Fixed Annuity, Equity Indexed Annuity, Annuity Calculator
Fixed Annuity: Indexing Mystery Solved... Plus Annuity Calculator
IRA vs 401k: Small Business Retirement Plan Decision
IRA vs 401k: What you need to know before setting up a small business retirement plan funded with a fixed indexed annuity.
News Article Expert Annuity Lead Program: Expert Status, Qualified Leads
Position Yourself As Expert With Our News Article Expert Annuity Lead Program
How My Personal Insurance Coach Changed My Career... And My Life!
How My Personal Insurance Coach Changed My Career... And My Life!
Our Radio Talk Show Annuity Selling System Is Actually A Pre-Selling System!
Our New Radio Talk Show Annuity Selling System Will Position You As Expert And Attract Warm, Pre-Sold Prospects
Your Own TV Show Insurance Selling System Lets You Rise Above The Crowd
Get Your Own 30-Minute TV Show Insurance Selling System! Welcome To Your Competition's Worst Nightmare!
Our Annuity Seminar System Has Sold Over $1.3 Billion In Premium With Multimedia
Annuity agents in the top 1 percent of all producers use our annuity seminar system to earn $1 Million in commissions yearly. You can too.
Get a Free Insurance Website Just For Scratching a Few Average Apps a Year!
Learn how to get a free insurance website just for scratching a few average apps a year.
UniqueYourself Archive
Welcome to our UniqueYourself Archive
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Tax Recovery USA: The Ultimate Insurance Selling System! How to Get 7 Out of 10 Insurance Prospects to Accept Your Offer on the First Visit!
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Free Annuity Selling System: How To Start Selling Annuities Like The Million Dollar Pros! Annuity Marketing. Annuity Sales.
Annuity Appointment Setting Success: My Million Dollar Script. Yours!
My Annuity Appointment Setting Telephone Script Used By Million Dollar Annuity Producers!
The Drop-By Annuity Sales Lead System for Instant Selling Success
Here's Our Free Drop-By Annuity Sales Lead System That Turns 80% of Annuity Leads Into Surefire Appointments!
Life Insurance Settlement Generates Cash For Annuity Purchase
How A Life Insurance Settlement Generates Found Money To Fund Equity Index Annuity
Sell Long Term Care Insurance With Your Own Personal LTC Coach!
Sell Long Term Care Insurance With Your Own Personal LTC Coach! LTC Marketing Machine CD-ROM Presentation, Script, Leads. It's All Here!
Our CPA Client Referral Program Will Have Your Annuity Career MADE For Life
Our CPA Client Referral Program Annuity Selling System will MAKE your annuity and life insurance career for life!
Annuity Referral Program Doubles Production With Existing Client Base!
Annuity Referral Program: How To Double Your Production/Income With Existing Client Base!
Star Power Partners Event
Our annual Star Power Partners Event requires pre-registration to secure your admission. Seating is limited and fills up quickly.

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