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Looking for a surefire annuity lead program that will improve lead quality, pre-sell your products, and position you as the undisputed expert? Try ghostwritten newspaper articles. Free offer.

Successful annuity agents are those who position themselves as the “expert” in their field.

An expert is held in higher regard than a salesperson.

An expert substitutes the sales presentation for a polished dialog of probing, educated questions that expose symptoms of financial disorder.

After proper diagnosis, an expert does not attempt a close.

An expert simply prescribes a cure, finishes up the paperwork and moves on to the next patient or client, the unspoken question being, “Do you want to stay sick or do you want to get well?”

Experts are experts because their reputation precedes them. It’s all in the setup. There is no reality, only perception. If the prospect first hears about you by reading your newspaper article, you are already the expert.

People want to be clients of experts for many reasons, including bragging rights. Sales transactions are pretty much understood even before appointments are set. Your starting point in the sales process is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Your annuity lead program is uniquely personal. And one of the most powerful ways of becoming the expert while generating referral-quality leads is through systematically submitting topical, high-content news articles for publication in hometown Senior newspapers.

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Newspapers hunger for news and will gladly print informative content, especially from a local expert whose specialty is of interest to their readers. Articles of 400 and 600 words in length should be submitted periodically, should be informational (not a sales pitch) and filled with take-home value. The author’s name, photo and contact information is included in case readers wish to pursue additional information or contact the expert about specific concerns. There is no cleaner annuity lead program, no higher quality lead than a news article inquiry.

Unfortunately, most successful annuity advisors don’t have the time to write compelling news copy. I've known successful agents barely capable of constructing one-word sentences. But now, a limited number of agents have the opportunity to participate in our News Article Expert Annuity Lead Program.

In the time-honored tradition of ghostwriting, I provide qualifying agents with a new article each month, packed with vital information on Senior financial issues.

Territories are exclusive to avoid overlapping geography, and I include my author’s release of copyright allowing you to list your name as author, your photo and contact information.





Here's one of my recent articles:


Versatile New Retirement Solution 
May Solve "Annuity Puzzle"

By John Q. Agent, Financial Advisor

professional headshot of insurance agent

The greatest fear most Seniors face during retirement is outliving their nest egg. Yet when given the choice of exchanging a lump sum of money for a guaranteed lifetime income stream – the act of annuitization – most opt to keep the less secure lump sum. In fact, insurance industry statistics show that only about 5% of annuity owners elect to annuitize.

This paradox is called the “annuity puzzle” and contradicts an ever-growing number of economists and financial advisors who agree that guaranteed income for life provides far better retirement security than cash in hand. Understandably, the $100,000 squirreled away at the bank seems like more money than the $680 a month for life a 65-year-old male would receive by annuitizing the same amount.

One reason for the annuity puzzle is that annuity agents often fall short of educating their clients, both before and after the purchase. Purchasers don’t ask enough questions. Add to this the aversion Seniors have of making changes in their status quo. Then there are the costs of the insurance company’s guarantee of dolling out monthly payments for life, the gamble of how many years one might live to enjoy those payments, and the complexity of understanding how annuitization works in the first place. Finally, with traditional annuitization the payout terms are carved in stone, never to be changed, and your premium stops earning all but the stingiest rate of interest.

But there is a versatile new retirement solution on the horizon. Many annuity carriers, including industry giants like Allianz and Sun Life Financial, have developed a fixed indexed annuity with multiple choices and flexible options that allow for adjustments along retirement’s road. Payout terms are anything but carved in stone, and various options allow your account value to continue at full earning potential both before and after entering payout mode.

For example, when you are ready to start taking income from your annuity, you can choose from a range of payout options including income you cannot outlive. This option allows you the added flexibility of suspending, restarting or revising your payment amount (within limits), or cancelling your contract and receiving the remaining accumulation value as a lump sum “walk-away.”

The unique feature of this hybrid retirement product is your potential to earn above-average interest during both the accumulation and payout phase. Instead of settling for “rocking chair” earnings once you begin receiving payments, your annuity continues earning as it did during the growth phase. One may be tempted to envision an ever-replenishing fund from which income flows but balances never fall. This is not how it’s designed to work.

But this new retirement solution is designed to replenish some of your account value even during the payout phase. Add to this the unique advantage insurance products have of providing long-term tax deferral to help your retirement assets grow. Your earnings, once credited, are locked in and protected against equity market declines. Finally, if your retirement circumstances should take an unexpected detour along life’s road, you now have the versatility of walking away with a large chunk of that lump sum – even after perhaps years of annuity payments. Now the only remaining question to the annuity puzzle is, “What will they think of next?”

For a free information kit, consultation and analysis of your retirement plan, please call John Q. Agent at The John Q. Agent Agency, 555-555-5555.



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