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You've heard it a thousand times before. People don't buy your product or service. They buy you.

This is true in sales, marketing, running your own small business, and especially customer service. But how do you set yourself apart from the competition as the unique individual you are? How do you keep from sounding boastful?

Start by understanding that in the eyes of most consumers, most products and services stand on pretty much equal footing. Everybody's widget has about the same amount of whiz-bang.

I'm not suggesting you abandon the features and benefits that make up 90% of what people need to know about what you sell. Just de-emphasize the details in favor of the one and only benefit no other company can offer: You!

Facts and figures paralyze the left brain with analysis. Emotional information on a human level spurs the right brain to action, bypassing the decision-making process altogether.

Here's a simple way to speak volumes to your prospect’s subconscious without sounding self- promotional. People can't resist photographs. Place a number of photos of you on the left-hand side of your presentation manual's introduction page. Select pictures of you that show the human side of you, the things that define your unique lifestyle.

When you open your sales book to begin your show and tell, proceed as usual until you see your prospects' eyes move irresistibly to the photos on the left page. Then say (somewhat surprised) "Oh, I meant to take those out. This one's of me with my bowling trophy. And this is our daughter, Lynsey, when she won the spelling bee at Lincoln Elementary. This is my dog, Tucker. I rescued him from the pound, but I think he's almost a purebred Dachshund. And here I am with my Producer of The Year trophy."

Cheap trick, you say? Maybe, but it works.

And by catching your prospects in the act of "eavesdropping" on your private life, it makes it their own curiosity that gets you started on the subject. It is now appropriate to portray yourself as a real, three-dimensional human being complete with family, hobbies and professional accreditation. You share information that makes you more than your product. You earn the right to proceed with the relationship. And you position yourself miles ahead of the competition, who your prospects know nothing about.

Another head-turner to use with your photo page is a page of clipped newspaper articles with you as the expert author. If you are signed as an annuity agent through InsuranStar Marketing, a Life Sales associate, you may qualify for our News Article Expert program.

Wishing you outrageous success,

Patrick Bruns
InsuranStar Marketing

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