How A Personal Insurance Coach Can
Change Your Career...
And Your Life!

Who needs a personal insurance coach?

If you have to ask, you can't afford to be without one...

There’s a Chinese Proverb that says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The lesson also applies to selling. If a sales manager gives a new agent free leads but then leaves him alone to figure out how to sell them, the manager does little good. In contrast, if the sales manager provides the agent with an appointment setting script, coaching, a proven selling system, more coaching, irresistible closing techniques, and still more coaching coupled with encouragement and relentless accountability, the agent goes on to enjoy a prosperous career for a lifetime. No rocket science here.

Now ask yourself, “Did my insurance marketing organization recruit me with free leads then leave me alone to figure out how to sell them?” Did they even mention an insurance coach?

You probably concluded (as most agents do) that the leads were just junk, but at least they didn’t cost you anything. Right?

Wrong! The whole experience cost you plenty! As agent producers, all we have is our precious time. When we waste our time chasing false promises, we lose money BIG TIME!

Or maybe you figured (as most agents do) that you’re already a super salesperson and you don't need a personal insurance coach. All you need are prospects to talk to. Well, if you’re so good, why aren’t you wealthy? Better still, if you've always known deep down inside that you have the potential for superstardom, why haven't you developed your potential?

The Few, The Proud, The InsuranStars!

Here’s a thought. Why is it that the people you think should have little need for coaching are the very ones who have coaches? Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, Oprah, Dr. Phil – all have personal coaches. In fact, most successful people were not only coached to greatness but hold fast to their competitive edge through ongoing coaching.

Be honest. Are you satisfied with your current income? Haven’t you wanted to be more, do more, have more, and write more business ever since you got your insurance license?

Well then, what if you could have your very own personal insurance coach? How much more could you sell with one-on-one mentoring from a professional whose focus was to fine tune your every word, your every move, into a peak performance, lean, mean selling machine!


insurance coach

Meet the coach, Patrick bruns

Let’s not argue the obvious. No agent questions the value of having an insurance coach. A personal insurance coach can nurture a million dollar a year producer into a 10 million dollar a year producer – turn a warm desire into a blistering hot passion! But a personal insurance coach cannot plant the seed of desire in a weed patch. There has to be fertile ground and a willing gardener.

This is more than just a metaphor. Coaching takes time, patience and money. An insurance agent needs to bring more to the game than just “want” if he is to be taken seriously. Of the hundreds of agents in the InsuranStar ranks, only 3% will qualify for our personal coaching program. You see…

It's Not Free
And It's Not For Sale

It's not free because you pay dearly for it with blood, sweat and tears. And it's not for sale because no amount of money can buy it. You acquire it through extraordinary personal production and achievement.

How much production? The dollar amount is between you and your coach. But I can tell you from personal experience that it's a lavishly uncomfortable figure for the other 97%.

Simply put, successful people do the things that failures don’t like to do. This bring us to THREE IMPERATIVES that will place you in the elite ranks of the top three percent. This is the price you pay for your personal insurance coach.

Absolutely, Positively, Unequivocally!

FIRST:  You must submit at least one average annuity application through InsuranStar Marketing to any of our carriers within your first 30 days of being appointed. Send us the case you're currently working on, write one on yourself, or let your coach tell you exactly where your next case will come from.

SECOND:  Within 6 months of being appointed, you must be on track to sell and maintain annuity premium production of at least $1 Million annually through InsuranStar Marketing.

THIRD:  You must proceed with a life-enhancing, self-improvement program which you discuss with your coach, decide upon, and commit to.

Failing any one of these three imperatives will land you on the bench, off the team. Hit the showers!

Or, if you sincerely feel you can make the cut and stay at the top of your game then please step away from the crowd, fill out the form below and let’s get you started. All information, present and future, will be kept strictly confidential.

Before contacting me, make sure you have (1) an annuity case to submit to one of our carriers in the amount of $40,000 or more, OR (2) the confidence that you WILL submit a case within 30 days, AND (3) a burning desire to take your career TO THE TOP! If so and you’re ready to sign, let’s go for it!

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A free insurance coach plus free annuity leads - if things get any better, you'll think you died and went to heaven!
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