When it comes to selling
annuity business...


We invite you to join the InsuranStar Marketing team and begin selling annuity products. We offer you the opportunity to grow your career exponentially by increasing your knowledge base and client exposure.

We do not offer sales management. We offer personal coaching and free sales leads to help you start selling annuities. We are here for one reason and that is to help you succeed. We pride ourselves on our customer service, professionalism and insurance expertise.

Our select group of special InsuranStar agents makes up less than 1% of our collective carriers’ field force, and yet together we sell annuity business like nobody’s business – so get ready for big things to happen.

With our 38 years of experience selling annuity cases, we've got every resource imaginable. Combined with your commitment, dedication and perseverance, you will discover and achieve a higher level of success than ever before.

Please resolve right now that no matter what else happens, you’re going to submit your first annuity application (even if it’s a small one) in the next 45 days. This is critical. In a few minutes I’m going to tell you why your first case, in your first 45 days, is so important.

We’re going to start you out with our 200 Leads program, which is 200 profiled annuity prospects.

We call them 'client clones,' because they’re pulled from your zip codes, and their profiles match the financial characteristics, the demographic characteristics and even the psychographic characteristics of tens of thousands of existing annuity holders.

You’ll receive 50 prospects a week for the next four weeks, emailed in Excel format, along with a telephone appointment setting script and pre-call letter.

These are not lay-downs, but they are qualified to buy, so cherry-pick them – and you will be selling annuity business right out of the gate.

Then, with each and every (roughly) $40,000 in annuity premium you sell, we’re going to do a highly targeted 200 piece direct mail drop for you.

This is our Triple-Direct lead program, and it’s fully self-sustaining, because your next 1 or 2 deals will come from the 5 to 7 direct-response cards your prospects fill out and mail back in, asking for your immediate phone call. Using these two free lead programs, 200 Leads and Triple-Direct, you'll be selling annuity business like nobody's business and never making another uninvited phone call again.

Now then, just why is it so important that you submit your first annuity application within your first 45 days? The number one reason people fail in the insurance business is failure to engage – failure to get started, failure to turn in that first app.

Obviously, you can’t succeed until you get started. So what if failure were no longer an option? What if you were to commit to a new paradigm, a new mindset, a gut-level stubbornness that this time, this opportunity will be your personal best – ever!

Think about this. Right now your body’s natural metabolism is renewing itself one cell at a time, day and night. You have a whole new set of muscles every 4 months, a whole new skeleton every 2 years. Your blood cells are completely renewed every 3 months; you have a brand new set of taste buds every single day – and all you have to do is keep yourself minimally alive!

But what about your brain? What about your mind? You see, that part of life’s contract is not free, and it’s not easy – it’s hard work! You’ve got to get out of bed, put your pants on and go to work every day to sharpen your mind, improve your profession and grow your practice.

InsuranStar Marketing is your opportunity, right now, to make a whole new start. Come on, go out and sell something. Get in the game. With InsuranStar you can be a star! This is a great opportunity.

PS. Check out all the opportunities on this website for selling annuity business with free annuity leads.

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